What is movers and packers?

If you need our moving help at Movers Mission Valley to help you pack up and move your belongings providing you with a completely hassle-free experience, hire our Mission Valley CA packers and movers to turn your upcoming move into a successful venture.

Why hire professional movers?

Professional movers can save you a lot of time by moving you in the blink of an eye, save you energy by handling every part of your move on your behalf and handle your move in the most efficient and effective manner.

Will movers pack for you?

Full packing, partial packing and packing-only are a few of our services that we offer our clients at Movers Mission Valley. We will pack you to perfection with no exceptions, give us a call for more information!

Will movers take my bed apart?

Our movers at Movers Mission Valley will arrive at your location with a complete set of tools to provide you with item disassembly and reassembly services at no extra charge.

Will movers move IKEA furniture?

When moving with Movers Mission Valley, we have no issues moving IKEA furniture, however, we do require our clients to disassemble their IKEA pieces before the moving truck arrives at your location on moving day.

Will movers move open boxes?

We at Movers Mission Valley strongly advise our clients to secure each of their boxes with tape before our movers arrive for the smoothest moving experience possible.

Are movers licensed?

Not every moving company is licensed, but you won’t have to worry about that with Movers Mission Valley. We are a fully licensed professional local moving company.

Are movers insured?

We at Movers Mission Valley include moving insurance in our standard moving rates as we want to provide our clientele with a reliable, safe and carefree moving experience.

Will movers move a gun safe?

As long as it doesn’t exceed our weight limit of 450lbs, our movers at Movers Mission Valley will have no issue in moving your gun safe. However, it is important to always let us know about your heavy items before your move takes place.

How do movers charge?

We at Movers Mission Valley charge by the hour, with a 3-hour minimum. After that, we prorate the time into 15-minute increments. Our rates are all-inclusive, and we have no additional or hidden charges. We don’t charge you anything to get to your location or to go back. The clock starts once our movers start working, and it stops once your move is finished.